A   W A L K   4   P E A C E   O R G A N I Z A T I O N

Come Let's Create World Peace



PEACE is everybody’s mission. Your PEACE message can make the difference.

Contribute Your PEACE message for the ‘THE PEACE BOOK’ to be shared at the World stage.

What good will it do? Who knows? Your Message might prove inspirational and transformational to the millions of people till ages…


We call it ‘THE PEACE BOOK’ and You all will be the authors of this book. This Book will have nothing to do with any Religion unless you consider PEACE and Brotherhood of mankind, as the Religion. In this age of internet I am inviting YOU all from all over the world to share your ‘PEACE message’ through social networking blogs, emails, and letters and through this website.

Your inspired message will be the contribution to the ‘THE PEACE BOOK’. The Book shall be launched in New Delhi (INDIA) and it will be carried by the Founder across the countries.

Our journey across the geographies will leave the footprints in the form of the ‘THE PEACE BOOK’ with the people of the Land to remind them of why PEACE is the single most important virtue we must have in our society.

‘THE PEACE BOOK’ will be presented to the key country officials of the each nation visited.

‘A WALK 4 PEACE’ mission on the foot and the existence of the ‘THE PEACE BOOK’ together make this effort noble, standout and unique in many ways.

‘Come be part of the History through your PEACE message’